Dr. Louis Merlin

Postal Address

RWTH Aachen University

Chair for Geometry and Analysis

Attn: Dr. Louis Merlin

Jakobstrasse 2

52064 Aachen


Contact Options and Office Hours

Office: Room 301, Jakobstrasse 2

Phone: +49 241 80-92783

E-mail: merlin@mathga.rwth-aachen.de

Office Hours:
Wednesday afternoon, by appointment.


Introductory Seminar on Analysis

Research Interests

I work with global invariants of Riemannian manifolds, with an emphasis on symmetric spaces. That's why I also care about Lie groups and their discrete subgroups. I love to understand what is rigid (and why?) and what is flexible (and how?). Here is my research statement, the short version here and the long version here (both in French).

Forthcoming Conferences

If you want to meet me in person, I'll be

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