I have shared the SBM Prize 2015 (Brazilian Mathematical Society) with Pedro A. S. Salomão. Please find here the SBM page with the prize description and additional details.

I was awarded the MCA Prize in the 2017 edition of the Mathematical Congress of the Americas. Please click here for the prize citation and additional details.

I have been invited, jointly with Pedro A. S. Salomão, as a speaker in the Geometry Session of the ICM 2018, for more details click here.

In the Fall term of 2011 I was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS/Princeton), for more details click here.

During 2016 and 2017 I visited the Floer Center of Geometry as a Humboldt Fellow, click here for more details.

I am currently an Editor of the Virtual Series in Symplectic Geometry.

During the academic year 2018-2019 I was at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS/Princeton) as a von Neumann Fellow.

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